Staying in Shape During Summer Break

staying in shape

You have tirelessly worked all year long perfecting your splits, tour jeté, cartwheels, and technique, and now that it’s summer you have started feeling less flexible and out of shape. Well, there are incredible ways you can help yourself stay in shape during the summer to spring start your work when the new dance season begins!

  • Dance Camps – there are some awesome summer programs and camps for dancers of all ages. Make the most of your opportunities not only at our studio but in the surrounding areas as well!
  • Open Studio Classes – there are plenty of studios in and around Atlanta that offer drop-in classes year-round. With Atlanta being such a prominent, but close-knit, dance community you would be able to take classes with instructors who have experience as professional dancers, as well as a new perspective on teaching (all teachers focus on different areas and give valuable feedback that can help).
  • Stretch at Home – this is something all dancers should do continually throughout the dance season, but with the warmer weather it’s safer and easier to work on your personal flexibility. Stretch while reading, playing games, watching TV, etc. Never attempt stretches that you are not comfortable with, and don’t hold them for too long – you wouldn’t want to go overboard and pull something.
  • Exercise – it is important for young dancers to continue exercising during their summer break. Whether you take up yoga for more flexibility and body control, pilates for strength, lift weights to tone or build muscle, or simply take advantage of dog walking to run/walk.
  • Choreograph Dances – have fun writing your own dances by yourself or with friends. Take it one step further and put on your own mini-recital for friends and family. This is a great way to stretch your creativity, get active, and have fun dancing!

Whatever you choose to do, stick to it, get enough sleep (yes sleep is still important even if you don’t have to get up for school at 7 AM), eat nutritious foods, and remember moderation!



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